Hibrett Puratex is a multi-discipline chemical blender, compounder, and packager of high-performance water treatment chemical products. We are also a national distributor of allied products, commodities, and specialty chemicals. Our goal is to provide quality products and services to companies that utilize chemicals as part of their daily routine.

As an industry-leading water treatment chemicals company, we offer cleaning compounds, industrial chemicals, and formulated water treatment chemicals that are beneficial to municipal, commercial, and industrial process environments.

Our extensive line of chemical treatment products effectively maintains cooling water systems, steam boilers, cooling towers, drinking water processes, HVAC systems, wastewater and effluent systems, and much more.

All chemicals supplied by Hibrett Puratex help customers reduce costs, optimize performance, and improve the productivity of their equipment. From acids to surfactants, we offer an extensive line of industrial-strength water treatment chemicals.

Water/Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

What Are Water Treatment Chemicals?

Clean drinking water is essential to human existence. As urbanization increases demand, water treatment suppliers must develop innovative ways to create safe water for irrigation, cooking, drinking, and industrial purposes.

There are four basic water treatment methods used for achieving clean water:

  1. Boiler Water Treatment: Protects boilers from scaling issues caused by impurities in water. Minerals such as Calcium Carbonate accumulate and concentrate over time, significantly decreasing the boiler’s efficiency. Oxygen scavenging products, boil outs, amine-based products, dispersants, and lay-ups are effective processes to eliminate scaling.
  2. Cooling Water Treatment: Corrosion and scale inhibitors, algaecides, biocides, and pH adjusters help remove toxic or damaging impurities from a cooling tower system.
  3. Water Purification: Eliminates organic and inorganic materials, biological contaminants, and undesired chemical compounds from water.
  4. Treatment of Wastewater Effluent: As the solid material decays, it consumes the oxygen needed by living plants and animals in the water. Removing suspended solids before the effluent gets discharged into its natural environment is necessary for wastewater treatment.

These methods use both physical and chemical means to remove suspended solids, bacteria, minerals, algae, viruses, and other fungi.

Industrial water treatment chemicals serve many purposes in the water treatment process from neutralizing the pH level in wastewater to helping dewater sludge. Acids or alkalis are introduced into the water to balance the pH level before being reused or discharged into the sewer system.

The types of chemicals used for the pH neutralization process include:

  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Sodium Hydroxide

With a staggering increase in economic development, the current water supply struggles to meet the growing demands, underscoring the importance of utilizing a water treatment chemicals company to provide clean, safe drinking water for future generations.

 Water Treatment & Cleaning Chemical Distributor

Benefits of Water Treatment Chemicals

Using the proper water treatment suppliers in unison with the right equipment will significantly improve water quality for your facility. There are many benefits of implementing water treatment chemicals in your water treatment system, including:

Meeting the Requirements of Local Codes and Regulations

Federal, state, and local environmental protection agencies strictly regulate the water supply. Using untreated water in an industrial setting creates a significant risk of unwanted impurities and contaminants. Water treatment chemicals eliminate hazards. Adhering to the established guidelines ensures the processing of clean drinking water.

Extending the Life Cycle of Equipment

Water containing microbiological organisms can lead to scaling and corrosion on equipment, lowering the useful life expectancy of valuable industrial machinery. The proper use of water treatment chemicals can supply safe water for industrial cleaning processes.

Saving Resources

The use of clean water enables the efficient use of materials. Chemicals and valuable resources do not get wasted, saving significant time, energy, and money for water treatment processing.

Reducing Workforce costs

Proper water treatment processes eliminate the need for excessive workforce hours to rectify a potentially dangerous development. Not only are labor costs significantly reduced, but the overall efficiency in industrial settings improves.

Importance of Water Treatment in Industrial Facilities

Optimum water quality is essential in most industrial manufacturing processes. Water treatment keeps operations running smoothly without affecting overhead costs.

Unwanted mineral buildup on industrial equipment can lead to scaling, reducing performance and energy efficiency. Operation costs rise as workers must work to clean the machinery and descale the affected equipment. In some cases, it becomes necessary to halt manufacturing, negatively impacting production deadlines and increasing manufacturing expenses.

Utilizing a water treatment chemicals company protects the environment and simplifies the management of water resources for industrial use, removing the presence of:

  • Unwanted Color
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Bacteria
  • Turbidity
  • Acidity
  • Organic Compounds

Manufacturing operations and industrial facilities must have proper water treatment processes in place to secure a positive impact on bottom-line revenues.

Water Treatment Chemicals Offered by Hibrett Puratex

Hibrett Puratex produces an extensive range of industrial water treatment chemicals and resells industry-standard commodity chemicals at a fair price. As an industry-leading water treatment chemicals company, we follow strict regulations and standards and are in full compliance with DHS, New Jersey DEP, EPA, DOT, and local governing authorities.

Our professional chemical mixers have a thorough understanding and extensive experience in blending, compounding, and packaging a variety of customized chemical products all from one location. All employees are required to enroll in 3-year refresher training. Topics include the handling of hazmat materials and DOT/DEP requirements. Outside consultants conduct monthly inspections, performance reviews, and continued training for the utmost in performance, safety, and quality.

Hibrett Puratex produces and distributes customized GH-S and DOT-compliant blending and packaging with SDS and private labeling. The water treatment chemicals are effective in potable, waste, swimming pool, and EPA Superfund site applications. Liquids are available in a full range of package sizes, including 5-gallon drums.

Water Treatment Chemicals Offered by Hibrett Puratex include:

  • LIME
  • UREA

From Formulation to Delivery – Hibrett Puratex Will Help You Find the Best Solution

Hibrett Puratex stands behind all our work and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the end-product does not meet your needs, we will reconfigure it to find the best solution.

We provide an expansive list of innovative water treatment chemical solutions and services that include:

  • Water Treatment Products
  • Industrial Cleaning Products
  • Mini Bulk Service
  • Custom Formulations
  • All Package Sizes
  • All Dilutions of Chemicals
  • Customer Delivery Services

Our professional team is continuously working hard to ensure the value and effectiveness of all products. Every order is processed, packaged, and delivered on time. We provide customized fleet delivery for customers in the New York City, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. areas. Customers outside our service area can still utilize third-party water treatment suppliers with efficient delivery of our best products.

We are fully insured and maintain coverage for any potential issues, including spill insurance. Hibrett Puratex strives to exceed expectations while meeting the highest standards of safety, integrity, regulatory compliance, and quality in all our products and services.

Contact Hibrett Puratex today to receive a customized quote and discuss your industrial water treatment needs.