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Food Processing Chemicals

Food processing chemicals maintain product safety while optimizing efficiency and reducing costs. Worker safety and brand reputation also depend on the sanitation in food processing industries, where the key challenges revolve around processing and packaging edible products free of harmful microorganisms and other sources of contamination.

Hibrett Puratex provides safe and reliable food processing chemicals, enabling our customers to find creative solutions to the challenges of handling, transporting, and storing food products. We’ll explore how we address sanitation in food processing while maintaining operational efficiency and equipment safety with our extensive line of food-grade cleaning chemical compounds.

Why Are Chemicals Needed?

Sanitization in food processing systems is essential to delivering safe food and beverage products to market. Food processing chemicals prevent spoilage and reduce product loss, ultimately ensuring food supplies are safe to consume.

This is accomplished with food-grade cleaning chemicals built to remove contaminants from equipment used in manufacturing, storage, and distribution facilities. As food is processed, soil and microorganisms must be cleaned from the equipment it touches, preserving product quality and preventing spoilage.

The food supply chain is highly varied, and the food products themselves can change conditions throughout the processing and packaging process. As such, it is necessary to sanitize equipment between processing different types of food, minimizing cross-contamination of allergens and enabling brands to advertise strict allergen-free food processing standards. Highly perishable items, such as animal products, can leave equipment particularly unsafe, increasing the need for consistent sanitization.

Benefits of Cleaning Chemicals for Food Processing Environments

Food-borne microorganisms can quickly spread, contaminating other foods and equipment if that equipment isn’t frequently sanitized. Doing so immediately improves worker safety by protecting them from the risk of disease. Equipment is also protected by consistent cleaning, preserving its lifespan and cutting down on maintenance costs.

Product quality also improves, ensuring food and beverage products are safe to consume while reducing product loss and increasing profit margins. Lastly, facility performance is maintained at peak efficiency, because regularly applied food processing chemicals more efficiently achieve sanitary conditions.

This reduces downtime and lost labor hours spent correcting mistakes that would otherwise happen without the diligent use of food processing chemicals.

Chemical Solutions for Food Processing

Hibrett Puratex has a team of experienced chemical mixers well versed in the design, blending, and compounding of food processing chemicals. We specialize in chemicals designed to solve the most common and unique food-processing sanitization problems.

Our capabilities include sulfur derivatives for steeping and fermentation, including:

  • Ammonium bisulfite
  • Magnesium bisulfite
  • Neutral bisulfite
  • Potassium bisulfite
  • Sodium bisulfite

These food-grade cleaning chemicals eliminate pathogens from food-processing devices while preserving the healthy cultures that make fermentation possible.

For most food and beverage handling needs, our chemists specialize in well over a dozen general-purpose food processing chemicals, including:

  • Citric acid and citrates
  • Phosphoric acid and phosphates
  • Lactic acid
  • Acetic acid and acetates
  • Liquid sorbates
  • Liquid benzoates
  • Liquid bisulfites
  • Calcium chloride
  • Gluconic acid and gluconates
  • Polyphosphates and blends
  • Aqua ammonia
  • Food grade caustics
  • Mineral acids

Further, our food processing chemical specialists are standing by to assist you in selecting and applying the perfect compound for your food processing needs, to ensure our customers receive total satisfaction and the highest quality products.

Partner With Hibrett Puratex

Hibrett Puratex’s expert team of chemical mixers put quality focus and multi-industry expertise into our full product line of food processing chemicals. Our custom approach to sanitization in the food processing industry ensures our customers have exactly the right food-grade chemicals on hand according to their equipment and product types.

For several decades, Hibrett Puratex’s founder worked with some of the largest chemical manufacturing companies before beginning his own chemical manufacturing brand and acquiring various laboratories and chemical mixing companies. Our full product line and custom chemical compound manufacturing capabilities make us a trusted name in the food processing chemical industry.

To request a quote or learn more about our food processing chemical services, contact us today.