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Auto/Car Detailing Chemicals

Auto detailing is essential to vehicle maintenance as it enhances the car’s appearance and protects it from damage caused by external factors. However, achieving a flawless finish requires more than just a bucket of soap and water. Thus, auto detailing chemicals are a crucial component that helps achieve a perfect shine.

At Hibrett Puratex, we offer a wide range of auto detailing chemicals that cater to all your needs. From car wash and exterior cleaners to glass cleaners and windshield wash antifreeze, we have got you covered!

Types of Surface Auto Detailing Chemicals

The following are the different surface auto detailing chemicals:


Presoak chemicals are used in the cleaning process to give shine to cars and neutralize the soaps that go down the drain. They come in low pH variations for this purpose. There are also high pH presoak chemicals, which are used to remove greasy and oily soils from car surfaces.


Detergents are low pH or neutral products that are highly lubricious and effective in lifting and holding soils. They also seal cracks on the car’s surface, ensuring a thorough cleaning. Soils are easily rinsed off, leaving the surface clean and ready for the next step in the detailing process.

Tire Cleaners

Tire cleaning chemicals come in acidic and alkaline variations. Thus, they are specifically formulated to remove organic and inorganic soils from abraded rubber, brake pads, and other parts. These chemicals are sprayed onto tires, brakes, wheels, and suspension parts to break down dirt and grime.

Triple Foam

Triple foam is available in the form of polishes or conditioners. Conditioners are used to clean the car’s surface, while polishes are used for applying a layer of wax apart from cleaning the surface. These products prepare the car’s exterior to accept protectants and sealants.

Drying Agents

After cleaning, drying agents, waxes, and protectants are applied to help remove excess water from the car’s surface. These chemicals come in synthetic or mineral oil-based formulations, which increase the surface tension and make it easier to blow water off.


Unlike waxes and protectants, paint sealants and clear coats penetrate the pores of a car’s surface, protecting it from elements like ultraviolet rays and climatic features. They offer short-term protection to the finishes of vehicles and are available in synthetic and mineral-based formulations.


Protectants are polymer or wax-based products that provide shine and protection against ultraviolet rays and other elements. In addition, they enhance the lubricity during the cleaning process, protecting the car from dirt, scratches, and other chemical contaminants.

Interior Car Cleaning Chemicals

These are various types of interior car cleaning chemicals that are specifically formulated for different surfaces and materials. Among them are the following:

Car Leather and Vinyl Cleaners

Top-quality leather cleaners are specially formulated to restore and protect your car’s leather surfaces. These cleaners gently remove dirt while conditioning and protecting the leather from further damage.

Car Upholstery and Carpet Cleaners

Upholstery and carpet cleaners come in foam and liquid forms to suit your cleaning needs. Foams lift dirt and soil to the surface for easy vacuuming, while liquid sprays provide a deep and thorough clean.

Glass Cleaners and Plastic Cleaners

Glass and plastic cleaners are specially formulated to provide a crystal-clear finish, making your windows and plastics look as good as new. With the right product and proper application techniques, achieving perfectly clean and clear glass is a breeze.

Auto Detailing Chemicals at Hibrett Puratex

Hibrett Puratex offers a range of high-quality auto detailing chemicals to keep your vehicle looking new and shiny. Some of the auto detailing products we provide include the following:

Auto Detailing Products

We offer a wide range of auto detailing products to keep your car looking its best. From interior cleaners to exterior polishes, we have everything you need to give your vehicle a showroom shine.

Car Wash

Our car wash products are designed to help you achieve a clean, streak-free finish every time. We have the right product whether you prefer a traditional wash or a waterless option.

Exterior Cleaners

Keep your car’s exterior looking new with our range of exterior cleaners. We offer products to remove dirt, grime, and bugs from your car’s paint, wheels, and other exterior surfaces.

Glass Cleaner

Perfectly clean and clear glass is easy to obtain with our glass cleaner. It is formulated to remove dirt, fingerprints, and other residue from glass surfaces without leaving streaks or smudges.

Window Cleaners

Our window cleaners are specially formulated to clean and shine your car’s windows inside and out. They are easy to use and leave your windows streak-free and crystal clear.

Windshield Wash

Hibrett Puratex windshield wash is designed to keep your windshield clean and clear, even in the toughest conditions. It removes dirt, bugs, and other debris while leaving no residue.

Windshield Wash Antifreezes

Our windshield wash antifreeze is formulated to keep your windshield clean and clear, even in the coldest temperatures. They provide great cleaning power as our regular windshield wash but with added antifreeze protection.

To know more about our products, here’s our complete list of cleaning and descaling products.

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