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Private Label Chemical Manufacturer

Companies can grow their brand without investing directly in manufacturing capital and materials through a process called private labeling. A private label product carries a certain retailer’s or company’s branding but was manufactured by a third party, called the private label manufacturer. In this arrangement, the retailer handles the marketing and retail sales while the private label chemical manufacturer handles the manufacturing, testing, and packaging processes. Private labeling allows both companies to focus on their strengths and grow their operations.

Succeed business arrangement
To succeed in this business arrangement in the chemical industry, companies must find a reputable private label manufacturer with the formulas, materials, and processes for their market. At Hibrett Puratex, our team produces a wide range of industrial chemicals, industrial cleaners, custom-manufactured goods, and water treatment products. We offer comprehensive private labeling and custom manufacturing services so our customers can provide high-quality chemical products to their own clientele. Our capabilities include custom blending, quality control protocols, packaging and labeling solutions, and more.

Learn more about private labeling, how to choose the ideal private label chemical manufacturer, and our private label services.

Private Labeling

In private label branding arrangements, two businesses work together to provide customers and retailers with products. One company will handle all of the branding and retail processes, developing a strong brand that engages with a specific target market. This company hires a manufacturer to develop the formulas, manufacture the products, and bottle or package the goods with the appropriate branding. The private label manufacturer owns the formulations for all products. Private label manufacturers can work with multiple companies in the same sector, providing either standardized chemical formulas or custom formulations that are unique to a specific brand.

Private labeling is increasing in popularity because it frees companies to focus on their core business while providing quality products for their client base. In the chemical industry, private label products must meet additional requirements, such as Safety Data Sheets (SDS), for them to be distributed to laboratories and other facilities in the U.S. and worldwide.

The Benefits of Private Labeling

Private label companies can enjoy many advantages from developing a business arrangement with an established manufacturer instead of managing the process in-house. Some of the key benefits of private labeling include:

The Benefits of Private Labeling
  • Control: Companies can decide which products and formulations are a good fit for their brand. For example, they can choose natural industrial cleaning formulas, sunset underperforming products, try new formulations, and otherwise refine their inventory as product demands change.
  • Focus on branding: Companies that partner with private label manufacturers can stay focused on developing their brand rather than the products. Production becomes an outsourced cost, and the organization can instead focus on marketing to niche audiences, developing brand recognition, and continually refining the brand message.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Small and growing chemical businesses often don’t have the capital resources to invest in specialty equipment. If these companies try to keep all of their manufacturing in-house, the different types of products they can offer will be extremely limited. However, by partnering with a third-party private label manufacturer, companies can easily get access to a wide range of products without paying high upfront costs. This gives companies more versatility so they can develop robust product lines that appeal to their audiences. They can focus on growth and sales rather than covering equipment and personnel costs.

How to Choose a Private Labeling Partner

For companies considering a private label approach, it’s crucial to choose a partner organization you can trust. Your brand reputation is on the line if products are subpar, delayed, or warrant a recall. When you’re looking for a chemical manufacturer, look for the following characteristics:

  • Experience: Research a company’s history to determine their experience manufacturing the types of products you currently sell or want to sell in the future. Also consider their industry experience as a private label manufacturer.
  • Custom design capabilities: Ideally, your partner will provide entirely hands-off manufacturing, including packaging and labeling. If customization is a must-have for your operation, work with a manufacturer with complete lab capabilities, which will allow them to create end-use specific products, match fragrances or colors, and develop targeted performance characteristics for your needs.
  • Pricing: Prices will vary based on the type of product, the extent of the services offered (such as design, QA testing, packaging, and transportation), as well as the quality and experience level of the manufacturer. Look for a partner whose pricing fits into your own pricing strategy. If your company is quickly growing, you can also look for manufacturers that offer better rates for high-volume production projects. A good partner offers transparent pricing with no hidden costs related to label design, printing, or other services.
  • Purchase minimums: Just as you may want discounts for consistent high-volume orders, you don’t want to be locked into contracts that exceed your demand. Look for manufacturers whose purchase minimums sit comfortably below your anticipated level of demand.
Private Labeling Partner

Hibrett Puratex’s Private Labeling Capabilities

At Hibrett Puratex, we partner with a wide range of chemical companies as a reputable private label chemical manufacturer. We offer many private label services and chemical manufacturing capabilities. Hibrett Puratex takes pride in our company’s commitment to the safe, compliant production of chemical goods.

If you want to sell a custom formulation or chemical blend to your clients, our team of chemical engineers can help you refine the product formula, identify the path to efficient manufacturability, and consistently produce the product to meet demand. Whether you need a completely new custom formulation or will supply the chemicals that need blending, we can handle your project from start to finish. We can also accommodate custom blending projects combining both your chemicals and ours.

With our extensive industry experience and specialized equipment, we can safely blend multi-component chemical substances from non-hazardous to highly hazardous.

Packaging is a critical component of private labeling, as it brings the chemical formulation and the brand together. At Hibrett Puratex, we offer complete packaging and labeling solutions. We work with each of our clients to identify the right packaging materials, sizes, and containers for each private label chemical. Our packaging services include:

  • Repackaging chemical formulations, such as rebottling bulk packages of a product into smaller retail or direct-to-consumer packages
  • Blending standard and custom formulations into different batch sizes
  • Mini bulk delivery, such as transferring to customer tanks up to 1,500 gallons
  • Packaging chemical products into bottles, jars, boxes, and plastic containers ranging from 1 qt. to tote bins

End-users need access to high-quality chemical products they can trust. That means every private label company needs a chemical manufacturer with the testing processes and commitment to quality needed to protect the brand’s integrity and ensure customer safety. The team at Hibrett Puratex has years of experience safely processing and packaging chemical formulations. Our products are NSF certified, so they comply with standards for quality, safety, sustainability, and performance. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee because we’re confident in our quality control processes.

High-quality labels make products stand out. We offer customizable labeling options so the finished packages have your custom logo, product design, and other information. Our solutions include bottle labels, custom boxes, and more. We use GHS-compliant software to create SDS and labels.

Industry Applications Examples

Industry Applications Examples

At Hibrett Puratex, we specialize in serving industrial markets around the country. Some of the most common industrial applications include:

  • Manufacturing industrial cleaning chemicals for janitorial staff and equipment cleaning services
  • Developing and blending industrial compounds
  • Producing chemical cleaners for food processing centers and refineries
  • Creating industrial and municipal water treatment compounds
  • Manufacturing automobile detailing and cleaning chemicals

Choose Hibrett Puratex as Your Private Label Chemical Manufacturer

Private labeling is a versatile and popular business model for organizations that want consistent, high-quality products without the high upfront equipment and labor costs associated with in-house manufacturing. When you partner with Hibrett Puratex, you don’t need to have in-house chemical manufacturing equipment or direct chemical processing expertise. Our team will help develop, refine, and manufacture your chemical products. We offer a wide range of manufacturing, quality assurance, and packaging services built for private label fulfillment.

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities, or request a quote for our turnkey private label services.

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