Industrial Cleaning CompoundsAt Hibrett Puratex, we manufacture commercial fleet washing chemicals for the exterior of tank trucks, tractors, and trailers. Our commercial truck washing chemicals include vehicle-friendly soaps for efficiently removing dirt and road grime, aluminum brighteners, truck wash degreaser, and concrete remover. 

Using the correct fleet washing chemicals for the job delivers the best results. Explore our premier fleet washing chemicals to find the right product for your truck cleaning applications.

Truck Wash Soaps and Cleaners  

Commercial Truck Wash Chemicals

A clean, polished truck begins with high-quality truck wash products designed for commercial vehicles. The right soaps and cleaners will protect the exterior of your truck while cleaning off all of the dirt and grime.

Benefits of truck wash soaps include:

  • Removes stubborn dirt and grime. Quality vehicle soaps remove stubborn dirt and grime to enhance the overall appearance of your truck. Most truck wash soaps are brushless and don’t need specialty tools such as pressure washers.
  • Brightens paint. High-quality truck wash soaps and cleaners enhance paint colors and prevent them from fading.
  • Improves safety. Vehicle soaps remove grime and dirt buildup from mirrors, windshields, and more to ensure you can see clearly while driving.

Types of truck wash soaps include:

  • Wash and Wax. Truck wash and wax products remove dirt and grime while leaving a lustrous finish on your truck. This one-step, dual-purpose truck wash is an economical, time-saving option. 
  • Waterless. Eco-friendly, waterless truck washing solutions require no rinsing, yet leave a clean, residue-free shine on your truck. However, it’s important to note that waterless truck soap doesn’t perform well in warm climates.

Examples of truck wash soaps and cleaners include Adsolve 300, Kettle Cleaner, and SS Scrubbies.


Degreasers offer an effective method for removing bugs, oil, heavy grease, exhaust soot, and road grime as well as degreasing fifth wheels and engines. It can also be used to clean oil stains on shop floors and wash bays. Degreaser is specifically made with ingredients that can cut through oil-based grime in engines and on vehicle exteriors without harming the paint. Some degreasers use natural ingredients, such as citrus oil, while others use chemical solvents. 

Depending on the level of grime, degreasers can either be sprayed on to remove light amounts of dirt, or the degreaser can soak until the grease is dissolved and then cleaned away with a brush. Degreasers are crucial in preventing mechanical issues in your engine.

Some examples of degreasers are HPC Degreaser, Whiz Degreaser, and Vanish XT.

Aluminum Brighteners

Aluminum brighteners contain specific chemicals designed to clean and brighten non-polished aluminum on vehicles. By removing the faded layer, aluminum brightener quickly and cost-effectively restores oxidized or pitted aluminum on automotive vehicles, aluminum trailers, and tankers, fuel tanks, aluminum wheels, painted wheels, chip trailers, and other heavy equipment.

Aluminum brightener features a highly concentrated, biodegradable formula that can be used to clean all types of products without scrubbing. It can also be diluted with water and used with various application methods.


Acidic pre-soaks are crucial to the effectiveness of truck washes for many reasons, including:

  • It cleans and reduces metal and paint oxidation. Oxidation can lead to rust, which if left untreated, can permanently damage your vehicle’s paint and lower its life expectancy. Acidic pre-soak can etch into your vehicle’s metal surface to remove oxidation. This gets the surface ready for applying a high pH cleaner, which prolongs your vehicle’s life.
  • Acidic pre-soaks renew aluminum. Pre-soaks with hydrofluoric acid or ammonian bifluoride can clean and brighten non-polished aluminum surfaces on trucks.
  • Low pH pre-soaks remove static road film. Road film includes the buildup of dirt, diesel smoke, and other contaminants. As a truck travels at high speeds, it creates friction and static electricity, creating an electrostatic bond to the pollutants. Acidic pre-soak neutralizes the negative charges on the truck’s surface, while a high pH truck wash cleaner neutralizes the positive charged pollutants.

One example of an acidic pre-soak is Sulfuric Acid 93%.

Commercial Truck Wash Chemicals from Hibrett Puratex

Using commercial truck wash chemicals can efficiently and quickly clean your fleet. Choosing the right truck wash makes all the difference in its effectiveness and cleaning power. Whether applying truck wash soaps, degreasers, aluminum brighteners, or pre-soak acid solutions, Hibrett Puratex has the commercial truck wash chemicals for all your needs. To learn more about our products, contact us today.