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Company History

After 23 years with ARCO Chemical, John Madden, a Chemical Engineer with an MBA, bought Hi-Brett Chemical now known as HIBRETT PURATEX and moved the company to Pennsauken NJ. Subsequently John purchased other companies notably Puratex, Barnett Laundry Supply, Phoenix Laboratories and Lion Supplies emerged created the current melded organization emerged over the years the company morphed into a combination distributor of industrial chemicals and branded products, a blender of industrial cleaning compounds and a custom manufacturer of products and a provider of water treatment compounds.

The company’s business plan focuses on providing products and services to independently operated companies that require chemicals as part of the service they provide but prefer to source them.

The company emphasizes safety and compliance with regulatory agencies as core values

Meet Our CEO

John P. J. Madden, the owner and CEO, was born in Manhattan in 1945, achieved a B. S. Ch. E and MBA, spent a tour with P&G and then joined ARCO. After a variety of domestic assignments and a tour in Japan & Korea, John left corporate America. He is a seasoned executive enjoying business, learning something new everyday, solving problems and meeting new friends, still enjoys getting his hands dirty.

Our professional chemical mixers are trained professionals with years of experience in blending, compounding and packaging a variety of custom chemical products.

Our Vision

It is the overwhelming intent of Hibrett Puratex is to provide a safe working environment in full compliance with all regulations where employees have an opportunity to safely provide with pride for themselves and their families while producing and delivering goods and services that exceed the expectations of customers and clients.

Our Mission

  1. Learn something new every day.
  2. Hear that what we have done made a difference to our customers, that we help them customers to move forward towards their goals.
  3. Make a difference to our members, that it is not just a place to work.
  4. Go home at night confident that we provided what we promised, to all constituents, safely and enthusiastically, fairly.

Our Philosophy

Tell the truth and keep our promises. That’s it!

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the end product, we’ll work with you to make it right.

GHS Compliant

Hibrett Puratex uses GHS compliant software to author SDS and labels. Private labeling is also available.

Fully Insured

Fully insured and covered for anything that goes wrong, including spill insurance.

We work with you to find the best solution for your needs.